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Sunday: 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m, and 11:30 a.m.


    Pastoral Council

    Pastoral Council promotes the spiritual growth of the parish community and plans ways for the parish to carry out the mission of the Church. The group makes recommendations to the Pastor on major matters concerning the life and pastoral ministry of the parish. Membership includes the pastor, a staff person and twelve members who serve three year terms on a rotating basis. 

    Meetings are held once monthly. The agenda is centered on the spiritual needs of the parish and is developed by an agenda committee and the pastor.

    Current Pastoral Council members

    Mr. Michael Gavin

    Mrs. Patricia Ludick

    Mr. Joseph Mishaga, Vice Chairperson

    Mr. Jim Penny

    Mrs. Judy Pistner, Secretary

    Mr. Mark Shaw

    Mr. David Stumpf, Chairperson

    Mrs. Karen Wright

    Mrs. Susan Zimmerman


    Pastoral Council Self-nomination: We need you!

    Did you know that the Church of St. Anselm has a Pastoral Council that assists and advises by making recommendations to our pastor in carrying out the mission of our parish?  Just as in any family, input from members is needed to share in the planning for accomplishing that mission.  

    At this time every year, the Parish Council searches for three new members.  Parish Council meets once a month for 11 months of the year in the early evening.  Consider taking time to give back to your parish family by sharing your training, skills, experiences and gifts.  If you are called to this ministry, please fill out this Information Form and return it to the parish office or call the parish office (440-729-9575) and someone from Parish Council will be in touch with you.  

    How will you know if you are right for this calling?  If you possess some or all of the criteria below we would love to speak with you.

        • Have ability to accomplish the main task of the council: investigating, considering, and recommending practical conclusions.

        • Have the essential ability to envision, study, ponder and recommend.

        • Are a baptized Catholic, in good standing with the Church.

        • You are a reflection of the parish's neighborhoods, social/professional groups, and ministries.     

    - from Mark F. Fischer, A Pastoral Council "Foundation Document", Today's Parish 32:5

    Thank you for considering!

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